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Android Apps

The Google Play Store has over a million Android apps, yet some best aren’t listed there because they break the rules of engagement. However, if you’d want, you can always download their app and install it. The finest applications that aren’t accessible on the Google Play Store are featured in this article. Before installing any of the recommended applications, make sure that your device’s Security Features allow for the download of apps from unknown sources.

1. Tachiyomi

It is popular that IOS is better than android while it comes under niche applications. If you know where to search, Android has some of the greatest alternatives out there. Comic fans will like Tachiyomi’s sleek interface and several customization choices. Reading comics in landscape mode is supported, as well as the ability to manage your favorites into folders or subfolders.

2. Fortnite

Since Epic has gone from being an established publisher to a major player in the business, the corporation is holding its most valuable assets better than So Epic has planned to make Fortnite available mainly through the main Epic site for Android, where you’ll need to scan a QR code to get the game. It is a little complicated, but it’s free and the world’s most popular video game.

3. Viper4Android (Root-only)

Google Play Store has removed viper4Android for some unknown reasons. The XDA Labs software allows users to customize their phone’s audio capabilities, allowing you to download and experiment with a wide range of loopers, effects, and customized drivers.  It is more geared at music fans than people who just want a boost to their phone’s volume. For those people that know what they’re doing, the functions here extend from Controller through V4.

4. FireTube

YouTube users have been upset for years by the lack of screen-free music and video listening options, which would help conserve battery life and mobile bandwidth. We now have an android apps that Google probably wishes didn’t exist, called FireTube. You may use FireTube to listen to any YouTube video without watching it, then turn off your display and continue listening.

5. Amazon’s Appstore.

There are still a lot of wonderful apps available for free on Amazon’s app store that you would otherwise have to pay for on the Play Store, even if Amazon’s attempt to take a piece of the app industry flopped.  With a touch of a finger, you can buy everything you want on

Android Apps 6. The MiXPlorer

This Android file manager is one of the finest out there, with a clean user interface and a wide range of functions that will suit both regular and professional users. Tabs support and a split panel mode on large displays are two features that make it beneficial to work with many folders at once. Up to 17 cloud storage providers are available, including the most famous ones like Dropbox, Mega, and OneDrive. Advanced search tools, root access, and a fully configurable user interface are also included in MiXPlorer. Overall, it is a great free file manager that doesn’t contain any advertising.

Android Apps 7. Lucky Patcher

To alter the function of other Android apps, you can use Lucky Patcher. To make use of this application’s maximum potential, you’ll need to have your smartphone rooted. Using this app, you may remove premium app licensing verification, edit apk files, remove Google advertisements, and create backups and backups of your apps. Before using this software, you should create a complete backup of all of your applications and data.

Android Apps 8. F-Droid

F-droid is a store for Android apps that is free software. Installing the F-droid app makes it simple to find and download open-source apps and to stay on top of device updates. Everyone must have this application if they have an interest in open-source software.

Wrapping Up

The only thing you need to do is install the apk file from the links test out each app. Let us know if there are any more useful applications that aren’t accessible on the Google Playstore.

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