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How To Earn Money On YouTube With These 6 Promising Strategies

Earn Money On YouTube

1.9 billion people visit YouTube every month, making it the most popular site in the world. However, every second, 500 hours of footage are added to the site. It’s already clear to you that this post is not going to be about how simple it is to purchase a Swiss watch with the advertising Earn Money On YouTube from your views.

How to Earn Money On YouTube

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

You may gain access to additional features on YouTube by signing up as a YouTube Member. Being a Partner isn’t required to generate earn money on YouTube, but it does make the task much easier.

Step 1: Create a YouTube channel. Don’t be confused about “How to create a channel on YouTube”. 

Step 2: Becoming a YouTube Partnership Program participant. You must have at least 1k subscribers and 4k watch hrs in the past year to participate in the program.

Step 3: Explore new Marketing features. The qualifying conditions for each marketing channel differ. For example Earnings from advertisements: To earn advertising money, your age must be at least 18 and provide advertising-friendly content. In simple terms: if your videos aren’t too contentious, more YouTube marketers will be willing to run advertisements on them, which brings in more money for you.

Premium Subscription revenue: If a subscriber views your video, you will get a percentage of their monthly subscription as income. You must be at least 18 years old and have at least 30,000 subscribers to offer channel subscriptions to your subscribers.

Channel memberships: You must be 18 years old and have at least 10,000 followers to sell products from YouTube’s store shelf. If you want your viewers to be able to pay for their messages to be featured in your live chats during your streams, they must use Super Chat payments.

2. Sell your own products

Maybe you’re a video maker first and a businessman second. It’s important to keep in mind that even Drake sells t-shirts.) If, on the other hand, you’re a businessman first and a video creator second, your YouTube marketing plan is geared toward selling a product you already have. In that case, selling items on YouTube is a solid revenue stream.

Step 1: Create an idea for a product and design it. For your channel’s products, you want to express and nurture your audience’s attachment to you. As a result, your product must be unique.

Step 2: Use your videos to market your product. It’s here that you may show off your personality. Be sure to put your products within your video content. Highlight viewers who have purchased and are using it. User-generated content or ‘solid metal,’ depending on the platform. Remember to add your store’s URL in your video descriptions, and add end screens or cards with attractive calls to action in your videos.

3. Create sponsored content To Earn Money On YouTube

To be an influencer, you don’t need Instagram. Because of the #sponcon technique, you don’t have to pay YouTube a percentage of your profits. You interact with the brand personally and get paid directly by them. It’s no surprise it’s a popular method of marketing for YouTube channels.

4. Become an affiliate partner To Earn Money On YouTube

Affiliate marketing is a great option for YouTubers that have a loyal and engaged following but aren’t quite there in terms of the number of subscribers they have. Brands use YouTubers to promote their online shop or unique product pages to their followers. As a result, they receive a share of any sales generated by their affiliate connections.

5. Allow your fans to directly pay you.

While there are several ways to earn money On YouTube, everyone has one common thing: making it easy for your followers to express their thanks with a credit card is the key.

Live chats:  A lot of fun with texting. YouTube launched Super Chat at the end of 2016 to replace their old Fan Funding option. When a YouTube Partner is live-streaming, this functionality is strictly available to them.

6. License your content to the media

All media organizations want a copy of a viral video, so they may show it to their audiences. However, traditional news companies are conscious of the fact that they must pay for the services they give. Finally, another option is to profit from your YouTube channel.  This is a simple process that can let you license your most popular project to the media. This is a simple process that can let you license your most popular project to the media. 


To ensure that your YouTube income grows into a permanent source of earn money on YouTube, follow these six ideas and expand your knowledge. Even if your Advertising income decreases, you may still generate money through retail, sponsored partnerships, and crowdfunding.

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