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Amazing Uses Tablet Of You Clearly Don’t Know About


Once you’ve got a nice tablet, what are your plans for it? You may use it to check email and social media, but would you really spend so much money simply to do that? Or was it given to you as a present, and you have no idea what to do with it? Don’t be confused, LifeHack is here to show you how to get the most out of the features of your tablet. You may ask how you ever get without it.

1. Second Screen

Life and professional productivity can both benefit from the addition of a tablet computer. Simplenote for iOS or FlickNote for Android may be used to keep text notes close at hand. These applications provide quick access to information. Use bookmarks to easily find the information you need. Avoiding any need to switch between displays saves time. It’s as simple as clicking on the display to conduct Skype calls or send an email.

2. Control Electronics Remotely

Tablets could be used to operate the television since they are bigger and simpler to find than standard remotes. Sony Smart TVs and Blu-ray players come with the TV Back view app, which is accessible for both IOS and Android devices. The application allows you to operate your television and other electrical devices while also providing you with show details. They could “learn” to identify other TVs, DVD or Blu-ray players, audio systems, and other devices.

3. Alarm And Digital Picture Frame

There are better ways to use your tablet than this, but this is a decent concept for making the gadget work for you while it’s not being used. This app may be used to show your favorite images when Daydream isn’t being used. This software may be used for chatting and other fun things. The timeline view, for example, can display images of friends and relatives taken at the same time.

4. Use Tablet As A Phone

Skype may used on both Android and iPad devices to keep in touch with loved ones. Even though the application is free, international calls are charge. Use the free app to talk face-to-face with others, over chat, or by phone. To keep in touch with loved ones who are far away, you can use a tablet. You can also make use of your tablet as a phone by connecting to Voice Over Internet Protocol networks.

5. Co-Pilot and Car Radio On Tablet

Spotify, Pandora, and I Heart Radio are just a few of several music applications available for the tablet. Artist, band, and genre searches are all possible with these applications. Finding the music you enjoy may also done using Apple iTunes. You could search for your favorite artists and bands, or discover new ones. As you travel, you may listen to any kind of music. Finding your route to your desired destination is extremely important. Having a tablet with you as a co-pilot is both convenient and trustworthy. Using a GPS is a certain way of finding your way. For individual or group travel, tablet computers are excellent partners.

6. Stress Reliever Of Tablet

Don’t think that you don’t have enough time for meditation or relaxation? Using a tablet, you could easily access stress-relieving videos or music right at your fingertips. For Android, try Meditation Oasis or Preparation for a difficult day or a peaceful night’s sleep. Regular meditation reduces emotional and mental stress and even physical pain. Regular meditation can also boost mood and give you a more positive mindset. Meditation also reduces stress and quiets the rambling of the mind.

Wrapping Up

Tablets are more useful to you than smartphones do. There are several facilities where you could access your tablet into a TV. It is easy to carry anywhere and a super cool gadget that everyone should have with them. 

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